Coat Rack Earring Display Stand


This ADORABLE Earring Rack is a must buy to store your amazing collection 😍

Each Coat Hanger gives you the option to clip the earrings in or slide them on via the top which is super easy. 

The stand itself is also super sturdy and can hold at least a further 20 sets of studs on the panels or even more dangles! 

How good is that!?

Each stand comes with 12 Coat Hangers to store all of your gorgeous pieces. 

Available in a range of colours 🪩💙💜🖤💚🤍

Stand is sized @ 19cm wide x 17cm high
Coat Hangers are sized @ 5.5 wide

Please note that once stand is put together it needs to be moved around by holding the base and attached legs.

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